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If you’re a homeowner, your house may be your biggest investment, and an insurance policy from All Star Insurance will protect it. Tragedy can strike unexpectedly, and if it does, homeowner’s insurance will be able to help you through a difficult time. Furthermore, emergencies that could result in serious damage to your home are much more common than you may think.

Hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes can affect Texas residents

If you live along the coast of Texas, your home could be vulnerable to hurricanes. These powerful tropical weather systems can bring high winds in excess of 100 miles an hour, cause severe flooding, and spawn destructive tornadoes. Repairing hurricane damage often costs tens of thousands of dollars, and in severe cases, it could even result in having to relocate.

However, tornadoes are common in some parts of the state as well, and certain parts of Texas are actually part of what’s known as “tornado alley”. Tornadoes cause an average of 400 million dollars per year in property damage across the United States, and they are even capable of completely leveling a home.

Flooding can occur at any time of the year in the state of Texas, and it can result in tens of thousands of dollars in damage. If your home is affected by a hurricane, flood, or tornado, the costs of the repair will be covered by your All Star Insurance policy, but the expenses can be insurmountable if you don’t.

House fires are more common than you’d think

There are around 385,000 house fires every year in The United States, and the combined property damage from these fires reaches a whopping 7 billion dollars on average. All Star Insurance will protect your home from the financial losses of a house fire.

Theft and vandalism affect numerous homeowners ever year

Thieves and vandals can strike in places where you wouldn’t expect them to, which can result in serious damage to your property. In many cases, burglars will cause damage when entering a home that could be costly. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you’ll be protected from these potentially serious economic impacts, which means that insuring your home is essential for every homeowner.