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Vehicles catch fire for a variety of reasons. This happens to U.S. motorists more than 170,000 times in an average year. It causes numerous injuries as well as over a billion dollars in damage. If a fire occurs, will your insurance pay for repairs or replacement?


Some traffic accidents spark fires, especially when a fuel tank is ruptured or a vehicle is carrying flammable items. Your auto policy will probably provide compensation if you have collision coverage. However, you’ll need a comprehensive plan to pay for any damage that wasn’t directly triggered by a crash.

Another motorist might behave negligently and cause an accident that produces a conflagration. If this person carries liability coverage, his or her insurer might compensate for the damage to your vehicle. On the other hand, you’ll need to rely on your own insurance when the other driver is uninsured.


Although mechanical defects are normally not covered by insurers, comprehensive auto insurance makes an exception. It often pays for fire damage repairs in this situation. If you only possess collision and/or liability policies, an insurer probably won’t accept your claim. The car manufacturer’s warranty program might fix or replace your vehicle.


In addition to sparking flames, lightning could ruin your auto’s electrical system or tires. Vehicles often burn when natural gas tanks explode. Comprehensive plans usually cover harm inflicted by wildfires, thunderstorms and explosions. This type of insurance also frequently supplies compensation when vandalism leads to car fires.

House fire

If flames engulf your house or garage and harm a vehicle, home insurance probably won’t provide the necessary funds. If it does cover your car, the insurer’s limit on the value of personal belongings may be problematic. You’re more likely to be fully reimbursed when you carry a comprehensive auto policy.

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