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Purchasing an auto policy for your vehicle is vital as it covers you in case of an accident, theft, burglary, or unforeseen damages such as hailstorms and fallen trees. However, you need to make an educated decision if you want to buy the best coverage for your vehicle.

Most car owners end up purchasing minimal coverage for their cars, forcing them to go out of pocket to cover for unexpected damages on their vehicles. It is crucial to understand the factors that affect your coverage and costs to make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about auto insurance that affect the buying decisions of car owners. Here are some common myths that you should steer away from.

1. Color determines the price of car insurance

It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is red, blue, green, or yellow, as the color does not affect your auto insurance costs. Many factors determine the price of auto insurance, and they include; body type, car make, engine size, age, and model of the car.

Some insurers also consider your credit card history, the likelihood of theft, and driving record.

2. A more expensive car costs more to insure

The cost of your vehicle doesn’t have as significant an impact on your premiums as the costs of repair. Some cars that are mid-priced cost more to insure than high-end vehicles because they cost more to repair.

Always check with your auto insurance company before purchasing a new vehicle to avoid high premiums.

3. Your premiums are higher as you age

This is quite the opposite as older drivers get special discounts on their premiums after completing an accident prevention course. For individuals that are retired or unemployed, they may also be eligible for auto insurance discounts as they drive less.

It is advisable to check with your insurance agent for such discounts as they vary by driver age, state, and insurance carrier.

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